However, should biology be considered as an inspiration for the artists? It is referred that artists are already involved in biological sciences and adopt a new way of expressing genetic information and biological data or present human body through art masterpieces or BioArt projects. In the case of biomusic, composers attempt to extract audio material using gene code, muscles and nerves movement, neurobiological data, fMRI results or electroencephalogram activity of the human brain, electrocardiogram, galvanic skin response and respiration. Obviously music can be composed as an alternative representation of biological data, as a novel artistic project or even as a therapeutic method. Therefore the proposed algorithm, correlates randomly amino acid sequences to musical instrument digital interface notes, in order to produce sounds and compose music that is fully customizable and adjustable to different selections and pairing of data with notes. The composed music targets the hundrends of millions of people that in someway are related to an AD patient, to raise the awareness and increase the sensitization of the social bodies that are actively involved in the management of the disease. Find below the extracted audio files.

Audio 1: Tones

Audio 2: Cello and Drums

Audio 3: Duet for Aβ and tau protein